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Treatments Of RP

Treatment Of Retinitis Pigmentosa

Ayurvedic treatment of retinitis pigmentosa is to maintain a healthy enviornment in whole body and specially in the eyes so that the expression of genes can be either stopped or slowed down so that the present vision status can be maintained. The rejuvenating medicines nourish retina and some improvement in vision can also be expected.

The objectives of ayurveda treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa are :

  • To detoxify the body at cellular level by ayurveda panchkarma treatments.
  • To strengthen the digestive fire so that ‘Aam’ (toxicity) production remains at minimum level.
  • Strengthening of retina and optic nerves by Ayurved special procedures.

The different stages of ayurvedic treatment for retinitis pigmentosa are also as follows :

  • Aam pachan by increasing digestive fire.
  • Snehpanam –Intake of heavy dose of medicated ghee in an increasing manner. The duration is 3-7 days.
  • External oleation is done by whole body massage and steam bath.
  • Virechana is done to remove the toxins out of the body (medicated laxative) .
  • Shirodhara or shirovasti with suitable medicated oil.
  • Nasya is done with different herbal decoctions and oils to remove the toxins of above the neck region.
  • Nethradhara is done with herbal decoctions cleansing of eye.
  • Suitable anjanam and aschotana (application of carryliums inside the eyes)
  • Tharpanam is also done in last to nourish retina and optic nerves.
  • Oral medicines and eye drops are also included in the schedule for a longer duration. The whole schedule for a longer duration. The whole schedule for ayurveda treatment of retinitis pigmentosa takes around three weeks hospitalization with strict life style and healthy and restricted diet under the supervision of an ayurvedic eye specialist. Likewise 2-4 courses may be required at an interval of 6 months.

Life style modifications

  • Avoid fast food, fried, red chilies and spicy food.
  • Take more green vegetables, fruits, sprouts, clarified butter in diet.
  • Do everything healthy you can do to control your stress because it is the best friend of retinitis pigmentosa as vision reduces sharply if you live everyday with stress.
  • Do regular yoga, pranayam and meditation to increase your physical and mental energy levels.
  • Say no to tobacco and alcohol as these things increases the speed of degeneration in eyes and body.